Trish Douglas

Trish Douglas - GB&I

A successful hotelier for decades, I think I can safely say that I am very much a “people person”- so is it any wonder that Inner Wheel and all that it stands for is very close to my heart?

With a business degree and a wide range of experience across companies, constabularies and corporations TEAMWORK has always been my mantra – “Together Everyone Achieves More”- as much with my Inner Wheel service as in my professional life.Mrs Golding, herself a business woman, knew the truth of this and was certainly forward looking, when she put the promotion of true friendship, as our first object, for “working together in friendship”, leads us into International understanding and is very much the solid base of all we do in Inner Wheel.

My membership of Inner Wheel, for well over 30 years now, has given me the most amazing opportunities (not least, through International service, which is my particular passion) to work alongside some wonderful people, from many walks of life- all equally dedicated to serving those in need- by helping them to raise not only much needed funds, but the profile of their various charitable organisations.

We can be justifiably proud of all that Inner Wheel has achieved over the past 95 years, but must not be complacent and “rest on our Laurels”.With new technology, the world is rapidly changing and we all need to be open to what that change brings, ready to embrace new ideas and move forward, ensuring the future of International Inner Wheel.