Sandra Neretljakovic

Sandra Neretljakovic – Croatia

Helping to change the lives of the vulnerable was always motivation of my life. Inner Wheel came to my life as a logical solution.

Soon after when I dove in IW history I was impressed with so much energy, dedication and keen of Mrs Margarette Golding. We should always keep in our minds that energy and strength and keep walking on today and future path.

Simply put, we should preserve our identity linking our past to the present and hopefully to the bright future of our organization. We are the sum of our past and if we know where we came from we can direct past flaws out and seek better solutions for our organization.

I had the privilege of being elected as the first Croatia’s National Representative in 2015/16 and 2016/17 which brings me to several European meetings and allowed me to experience the IW international dimension. After I was elected as IIW Editor / MM in 2017/18 and again 2018/19 I deepened that experience and after the IIW Convention I was deeply moved by the friendship and commitment of IW members around the world.

From the beginning, international understanding as one of our three basic goals is very important to me. And today, modern technologies know no borders and enables us to communicate with members separate by great distances. Social media is not just a technology for communicating or entertainment. It’s now an online “home.”

When people are far apart, they are able to create the sense of proximity of living together in the same place exchanging friendship and ideas.