Ria Heijens

Ria Heijens - Netherlands

In 1990 I joined Inner Wheel because friendship and social commitment appealed to me. After meeting with International Inner Wheel members, I realised the true power of Inner Wheel. Seeing the positive influence of Inner Wheel at local level, in the districts and subsequently at a national level. It would be an honour for me to contribute internationally to Inner Wheel serving as a Board Members.

Being one of the largest women’s organisations, we can promote our goals worldwide, and in doing so help and empower uneducated women and children living in poverty and without basic healthcare. Not only can we do this by educating them, but also by supporting and empowering them to find a better future for themselves and their communities.

However, it is also important to focus on Inner Wheel itself as a solid organisation.Unfortunately, membership in many countries is declining and it is essential to find ways to encourage the younger generation of women to join Inner Wheel.Retaining and extending membership in existing clubs are where possible charter new Inner Wheel clubs.

We can still achieve a lot within International Inner Wheel and I hope I can make a contribution with my passion and enthusiasm.