Mania Papadopoulou – Falidas

Mania Papadopoulou – Falidas - Greece

My membership to the Inner Wheel initiated in 2000. Μy family has an old relationship with Inner Wheel so the values of friendship, service and understanding were familiar to me and have been my personal values during my life as a woman, wife, and professional as doctor in the field of the health care system.

I believe in the future of Inner Wheel as it has been created and shaped by strong feminine personalities from all over the world who have set as their main goal to support and evolve a great organization as ours.

Throughout my course in Inner Wheel as a simple member, Treasurer, President of my club but alsoas a Chairman, and National Representative of the 247 District I.W. Greece, I tried my best in order to deliver the best service for my fellow citizens and my country against adversities and challenges that Greece has faced through all these years.

Being elected as a Board Director, would be a great honor and opportunity for me to provide an excellent service not only inside the boarders of my country but also all over the world as a Board Director of the Worldwide Women Organization of Inner Wheel.