Mamta Gupta

Mamta Gupta - India


To concentrate on few long term projects, like providing ‘home for aged’. People at large should associate Inner Wheel with it.

Increase membership, number of clubs and Districts to make Inner Wheel largest voluntary services organization in the world.

Make IIW more millennial by catching Young members and form NEW GEN CLUBs.

As club President, bought 11,000 Square Feet land for a Long Term Project. A Home for the Aged, “Apnalay” is built, where 22 senior citizens are living.

As District Chairman, installed 100+ sanitary napkin vending machines & incinerators to girls’ schools/ colleges.

As Association President & NR added 72 New Clubs (23 NEW GEN) and 6840 new members.

Mission Mamta- Orphan Free India 2024 was launched. 46,000+ members in 1369 clubs under 27 Districts took it as national project and facilitated adoption of 600+ orphans and foster caring of 25,000+ children.

Branding Inner Wheel through one million hoarding, billboards & posters, distribution of 1.5 Million Sanitary Napkins and million jute bags (remove plastic project).

Attended 3 IIW Conventions, 4 Triennial Conferences and 3 South Asia Rally.

Conceptualized/designed Postal Covers to commemorate 75th death anniversary of Ms. Golding.

Painting got highest vote and auctioned at 15th IIW Convention.

I visualize Inner Wheel should become a household name, let it emerge as a global brand for its charitable and philanthropic services for underprivileged women and orphan children.