Kaija Keijola

Kaija Keijola - Finland

Now we are living in a new normal. The world around us has changed.Covid-19 Virus has changed us. We have to adapt the changes, to change our behaviour, our habits, to do work and things in the different way, to use new methods for communication. Inner Wheel President’s theme for 2020-2021 year is “Lead the Change”. Our Inner Wheel organization is strong because it is international and it has a long history.I believe it can with its leadership to help members and it’s relations to manage to build trust and give support to those who need it. Before Covid-19 Virus we saw also unexpected amount of refuges with different backgrounds to enter to the new countries and it continues. After serving international ICT companies in Strategy, Business Development and Customer Service area and still connected to international business duties, I give my experience and knowledge to Inner Wheel’s use. I have been Inner Wheel member over 30 years. It would be an honour if I would be elected as Board Director. I will do my best to support Inner Wheel’s operations internationally and foster understanding between countries. Encouraging members personal service, helping to share know how and knowledge, by contributing new communication strategies and methods in the use of Inner Wheel. I believe we attract the new members, and we will become stronger. Inner Wheel’s strengths and values are experienced and educated members in every country.