Gemma Pirondini Venuti

Gemma Pirondini Venuti - Italy

Since I joined the IW Club of Como in 1991, Inner Wheel has been a very important part of my life.I have always been attracted by the international character of our organisation. We belong to small and large countries, different by language, culture and religion, but we are bound together by our goals of friendship personal service and international understanding.In their name we support women and children around the globe, in order to improve health and education and make them stronger and equipped to live a better life: ”Together we can.”

To hold and develop the sense of belonging to our wonderful family and exchange new projects it is vital to have fast and frequent communication through modern technologies, which will be also essential in promoting Inner Wheel visibility, thereby ensuring support and growth.

My varied experience at Club, District and National council allowed me to acquire a wide understanding of our organisation at national and international level, thanks also to the participation in four Conventions, six international Rallies and three European Meetings.

As a Board Director I would be honoured to work in team with the IIW executive and the Board Directors from other countries and contribute to strengthening international links, chiefly supporting the non Districted Clubs to help them to grow in future into ne Districts.Since the XVIII Convention is approaching it would be a precious occasion to make my contribution and have a unique and valuable experience within the International Governing Body!