Darlene Westrupp

Darlene Westrupp - New Zealand

When I joined my local Inner Wheel Club 30 years ago the main reason was friendship.I was new to the city and I saw it as an opportunity to make new friends. In the many roles at club, district and national level I have undertaken in the years since, I soon became to realise that Inner Wheel is much, much more than Friendship.

I am extremely proud to be a member of a sisterhood of over 108,000 like-minded women from all over the world who do wonderful work in their local and international communities to enrich the lives of women, children, the elderly, the disadvantaged. We, collectively, are true to the objectives of our founder Mrs Margarette Golding as established 95 years ago. Her legacy continues.

In my year as IWNZ President 2018/19 we created a Strategic Plan to take us through the next 3 years. It is a living document that all members nationwide, can relate to.It already inspires them to engage fully in all aspects of Inner Wheel. It will help us grow so that many more women can enjoy the benefits of belonging to our wonderful organisation.

I believe that it is vital that all organisations have a plan, a goal, so that it doesn’t stagnate, and members are kept motivated. Given the opportunity I would love to be able to share our experiences in New Zealand with other Board Directors for the good of Inner Wheel internationally.