Angelika Walde

Angelika Walde - Switzerland

Since becoming a member of Inner Wheel in 2004, I have held various posts in my club and in my district 199. A particular honour was to be the National Representative Deputy and National Representative for Inner Wheel Switzerland-Liechtenstein.

Among many other activities, I was also involved in organising the 30th birthday of our district. These roles reaffirmed my conviction that international exchanges are of vital importance.

In a world full of drastic changes and enormous challenges for individuals and for societies, our organisation represents stability, friendship and mutual understanding.

Inner Wheel friendship demands nothing but accepts service in the spirit in which it is given. It is of great importance for us as members of Inner Wheel, and as women, to demonstrate and to live the values, which govern the spirit of International Inner Wheel. Through understanding and working together, we can achieve bigger results and maybe a better life for people in need.

Right from the very beginning of my membership I have connected closely with the ideals and the international atmosphere of Inner Wheel. This together with my active interest in the social and moral welfare of the community, especially of women and children, as well as my strong commitment for Inner Wheel provides me the motivation to apply for a term as IIW Board Director.

I would be honoured to support the Board in their future efforts.