Poems & Songs

Poems and Songs from around the Inner Wheel World


1. Poem, IWC of Varna Europea, D248, Bulgaria

The Taste of Friendship

The fragrance of friendship is easy to recognize.
It's like the sweet smell of a home-cooked meal.
Breathing it in, you feel warm and sheltered.
The ingredients are exactly the ones you love, and the seasoned herbs,
as if grown in the garden of your childhood.
But most important is the fire.
When the fire of friendship burns strong,
the result is a unique, unprecedented taste!
Bring out the flavor of the meal with a glass of wine.
Finish with a bite of warm bread, saturated with honey for a sweet aftertaste.
But remember – don't glut yourself with friendship.
Savor enough for the next meeting.
Relish it slowly and take a deep breath of friendship's aroma!
Looking forward to meeting you again!

Ivelina Sotirova, Charter President of IW Club Varna Europea, D248, Bulgaria

 2. Poem, District A62, Australia

New Generation IWC of Casinia Charter Poem


A Flame of Friendship
A Flame of Light
A Flame of Warmth
Which Burnt so Bright
A Candle of Friendship
A Candle of Light
A Candle of Warmth which Burnt so Bright
Showing the way on Charter Night.
A Candle of Hope
A Candle of Peace
Which Burnt so Bright for All to be Seen
On Charter Night in Twenty Fourteen

By Sue Blenkhorn, Australia, District A62 Extension Officer


 3. Poem, IWC of Vechta, District 85, Germany


Lord, make me to a instrument of your peace,
That I love, where there is hate,
That I forgive, where there is offense,
That I connect, where there is dispute,
That I speak truth, where there is misunderstanding,
That I bring faith, where despair is a threat,
That I bring hope, where despair rules,
That I bring light, where darkness reigns,
That I bring joy, where sorrow lives.
Lord, let me seek to,
Not, that I will be comforted, but to comfort others;
Not, that I will be understood, but to understand others;
Not, that I will be loved, but that I love;
Because who devotes oneself, will conceive,
Who forgets about himself, will find;
Who forgives, will be forgiven;
and who dies, will awake for eternal Life, Amen.
(Franz Von Assisi)

From Miranda Koene koene

4. Badge Poem

Here in the compass of my hand, I hold
This treasured badge – a little wheel of gold.
Symbol of service, emblem of a band
Of women pledged to lend a helping hand:
To cross the barriers of creed and race
And seek to make the world a better place:
To help the under-privileged and sad,
The homeless and the hungry, cold and ill clad:
To forge the links of friendship East and West,
Each with her talents, giving of her best.
Friendship and service in a thousand varying ways –
This round the world, our little badge portrays.
So small a thing, with influence so wide.
No wonder that we wear our badge with pride.


We are the club called Inner Wheel
We pledge with all our zeal
To spin the wheel of rotary
To more to serve mankind
Inner Wheel! Inner Wheel!! Inner Wheel!!!
To promote true friendship over land and sea
Inner Wheel!
Our club has come to stay
We are beside all Rotarians
To help them change the world
Through charity and spotless lives
We are loyal to both Wheels
Inner Wheel! Inner Wheel! Inner Wheel!
We profess excellence in all that we deal
Inner Wheel
Our club shall never die.

6. International Inner Wheel's Song on all continents

On all the continents
Inner Wheel of the world
Walk guided by friendship,
Walk on hand in hand
Careful and faithful
To our ideal of service

Verse 1
Thousand sisters and brothers
In the world are deprived
Inner Wheel relieves misery
Flies to help the unfortunate
Fights against suffering
Of bad days and sadness
To bring back a smile
Everywhere Inner Wheel goes

Verse 2
For better tomorrows
Inner Wheel, you're mobilized
To bring happiness everywhere
You're the hope of the hopeless
And fulfill loneliness
You warm the hearts of all
Inner Wheel, floods the world
Always with your generosity.

Words and music: Anne ALLANGBA

7. Song, Inner Wheel Mexico
Inner Wheel

We are the invincible women
Who hold ideals of assistance and friendship
United we stand, as firm as an oak
A shining beacon for the world to see.

Without distinction of all races and beliefs
We join hands united by our strength
We shall forge in all the nations
An image of incomparable women.

Renewing ideals and energies
Ardently going forth
Defending our hierarchies
The best that can be saved.

The smallest cog makes
The wheel turn effortlessly
We are the key to our Rotary emblem
Our dedication knows no bounds
Inner Wheel!!
Words and music by: Blanca Margarita Amador de Saavedra, Inner Wheel Mexico


8. Song


A piece of chocolate makes me smile

A piece of cake makes me stop cry
A piece of toy makes me have fun
But these are all just for one
And it won't do much for everyone...

A piece of peace !
A piece of peace !
A piece of peace
Is enough for us...

A piece of peace!
A piece of peace !
A piece of peace
Can save the World!

9. Poetry on the Inner Wheel Theme-UNIQUE & UNITED

I am UNIQUE-yes different.
As different as the fortune lines on a palm.
I am UNIQUE-yes different.
As different as the religions in our land.
I am UNIQUE-yes different.
As different as the languages I speak.
I am UNIQUE-yes different.
As different as the impactful projects I seek.
I am UNIQUE-yes different.
As different as my own sacred Constitution.
Yes,I am different- yet UNITED.
I am Inner Wheel.
I am different.

Madhu Nagpal, International Service Organiser, Inner Wheel District Executive Committee - 301