IIW President Charlotte’s official visit to IW F.A.M.A.T (France, Andorra, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia)

May 5th-8th Friendship Days – Saint-Malo (D 65)

May 5th

President Charlotte was welcomed to Rennes station by Marie-Françoise Pignard (IW F.A.M.A.T NR-President) and Mireille Desbordes (IW F.A.M.A.T Treasurer). She spent the evening in a typical restaurant of the city tasting seafood platter.

 Seafood platter First evening

May 6th

In the morning we went to Saint-Malo where the Friendship Days was held. This walled city saw the birth of many sailors and corsairs as well as the famous French poet François-René de Chateaubriand.

In the afternoon President Charlotte attended to the Friendship Days forum whose topic was “Women and Europe”. Two speakers addressed this question of historical and legal point of view then a member of IWC Aix-Miramas (D73) bear witness of her European experiment. She took part to Erasmus program with her brother and sister, her husband is German, her brother-in-law is Irish and her sister-in-law is Belgian. She teaches German at Aix-Marseille University, a true European in a European family!

The speakers and IW FAMAT NR

President Charlotte offered her flag to Marie-Françoise Pignard and IW F.A.M.A.T District Chairmen.

President Charlotte gives her flag to MF Pignard and District Chairmen President Charlotte gives her flag to MF Pignard and District Chairmen

Friendship dinner was held at Casino of Dinar, a sea side city near Saint-Malo, where President Charlotte enjoyed the wonderful show of big tides and sunset.

Dinar sunset Big tides

Before friendship dinner


May 7th

Early in the morning we started with a sightseeing tour to Mont Saint-Michel. President Charlotte visited the abbey with IW members and some husbands. She listened with a great interest the detailed explanations of our guide Isabelle. It was very interesting. After the visit we had lunch in a creperie with pancakes and cider.

The group before Mont St. Michel

President Charlotte in the cloister of the abbey

The lunch at the creperie

In the afternoon we returned to Saint-Malo by the coast road. We stopped in Cancale, a little city specialized in oyster breeding.

The gala evening was held at Grand Large Palace St. Malo with a magnificent view of the sea and over 300 people. President Charlotte kindly went to each table with M-F Pignard to take pictures with everybody which was much appreciated by everyone.

Gala evening

Gala evening


May 8th

On Sunday morning IW F.A.M.A.T NR and her husband accompanied President Charlotte to Rennes station where she took the train back home.


Marie-Françoise Pignard

Inner Wheel F.A.M.A.T NR/President

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