Marilyn Armstrong

Marilyn Armstrong - Australia

I believe , today more than ever, we need to remind ourselves of our objects, of friendship, service and understanding.  These 3 words motivate and encourage and give us true meaning of membership in Inner Wheel.

Our Unique organization faces many challenges as we continue into this century, which I believe we are ready to face and conquer.

Of the challenges, we have identified membership—age is causing members to be less available, and keeping abreast of the challenges the technological world expects of us.  The need for younger engaged members is more relevant than ever, while bringing our longer serving members with us as changes are needed.

There is so much to offer the women of today, the friendship, the working together to help others, our challenge is to showcase who we are to our community?  Our identity needs to be invigorated, for the community to realise what and where we are contributing, helping others, at home and worldwide, while building lasting friendships.

With International connections, our friendships are global, uniting us with countries and clubs all over this world.  For future generations we must keep working to maintain and build on what we have and are.

I regard giving to others whether it be time, talents, or just listening, is where we began as an organization.  I am enthusiastic to see Inner wheel grow to become the largest women’s organization in the world.