Christine Berggren

Christine Berggren - Sweden

I am proud to be a member of IW and my 25 years has enrich my life. Working in the clubs and with organizations around the world has broad my horizon. In my profession as HR-social worker, I am use to teamwork, listening and to give respect.

I have been responsible for several projects as "Drug Detector Dogs", "IW-Doctor" for women in the world and "Silvia nurse”, where nurses have training in dementia care. I have organized and been responsible for the “Nordic Meeting” 2013 and the “European Meeting” 2014. I have served as Board Director 2014-2015. I took part in discussions in the Governing Board Meetings and served at the Convention in Copenhagen. I had the pleasure to work with members and found, that our work is always characterized by joyfulness and participation worldwide.

I am deeply committed in "Violence against Women and Children”. I have since 2012 written articles and sent to clubs worldwide. I have given lectures at European Meetings, recently September 2015 and at several clubs in Sweden. 

As Board Director my vision is to support and help women and children worldwide to have a life without violence. It also includes to educate women and children. With education I believe women will be stronger and able to find ways to a good and new life. We also need to continue to help countries with non-districted Clubs as well as supporting them. We need to grow and to help each other and together we can do it.