Installation of Pushpa Suryamurty, President of Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India, 2013-2014 & Birth of Inner Wheel in India

Meet Pushpa Suryamurty, President of the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India 2013-2014.

The Association includes 1076 clubs with 31,882 members.

Pushpa Suryamurty  Association President 2013-2014 Inner Wheel in India

Nobody would have imagined, especially me, that, after being a District Chairman in 1999-2000, I would climb the ladder. But then, do we plan our destiny? Destiny plans our steps. It decides whether we should climb or go down the ladder.

Right from my childhood, when I lived with a Gandhian grandfather who wore Khadi to his end, I grew up to marry into a family where my father-in-law also wore Khadi. Childhood memories are never forgotten and in fact are always a great influence in determining our future. Thus Social Work was embedded in my Life.

‘We, for women’ is truly a theme to which we can all relate. We must give due importance to ourselves, especially where Health is concerned. Let us not be Activists, trying to fight for our Rights, but fight against ill health. Let us take a vow to be fit. For Once, let us turn WE into ME.

The  tradition of the flag ceremony

I want all the members with their lady friends to participate in the Pinkathon this year. For those who have never participated in a Marathon - let this be their first time. Let the Walk for Pinkathon be a reason to start being fit. It is never late to make a beginning. Women should pursue their hobbies, at any stage of their lives. We definitely give time to our families, but once the children stand on their own feet, it is time to take off for ourselves. We may have had interest in singing or painting or embroidery. These are the interests, which can be pursued without neglecting our family. Take time for yourself.

Always remember, ‘If you want to blossom like a Rose in the Garden, learn the art of adjusting with the Thorns’.  Women have always learnt the art of adjusting, and Inner Wheel is a platform, which teaches us to adjust with various temperaments of Women. Teach others what you learn here. Here we learn to be kind to Senior Citizens, which we can utilize in having patience with our parents. Similarly, we learn to be kind to children, then why not be tolerant towards our own children? Bring Home the Study that you learn in the School of Inner Wheel.  To wind up, I remember this saying on a Bus stand –

Only Bus Stops Here. Not Time.

So Do Not Waste Time

- Keep Moving Up with Your Duties.

Wish everyone the best in their own endeavors.

 Birth of Inner Wheel in India

Since 1985 the Association is known as Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India. There were 4 International Inner Wheel Presidents from India: Minna Kapur, Anita Aggarwal, Kamala Ramakrishnan, and  Dr. Pallavi Shah. Currently, the Association has 1076 clubs with 31,882 members.

The first Club in India was formed at Ahmedabad in 1955. Mrs. Minnie Camma was the Charter President of IWC of Ahmedabad. Slowly the Inner Wheel movement spread its wings to other cities in India. Four Districts, Dist. 75, Dist. 317(S), 315, and Dist. 310 were formed in the year 1966 – 67.  When the first International Inner Wheel President Lavender Weightman visited India there were 22 Clubs with 3 IW Districts. By the end of her term as International President there were 85 Clubs with 2000 members in India. A National Council was formed in the year 1968 with Dr. Malti Rana as the first International Inner Wheel Representative (I.I.W.R). District 75 was later changed to Dist 305.  1970 saw more Districts added to the National Council. Dist 320, 318, 314. 310, and 311.  Dr. Malti was followed by Dr. Dipika Shah, Malati Ramakrishna Rao, Meher N. Framjee, Asma Mascati and Nagamani Chandrashekar as I.I.W.R's.

History of Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India & Sri Lanka

On the 1st of July 1976 the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India and Sri Lanka was born with Raksha Mehta as the first Association President who was installed on the 11th of July 1976 in Bombay. The Association had a Governing body with 10 Council Members from Districts 305, 306, 310, 311, 314, 315, 317, 318, 320 and 321. 

Association Council Meetings were held on 11th & 12th July 1976 and 9th, 10th of February 1977 at Bombay and Madras respectively. The Council worked to consolidate and improve the administrative work of the Districts.

Some guidelines for District Conferences and Assemblies were formulated at the Council Meeting held at Madras. Discussions on division of Dist 310, 318, and 321 were held. Dist 310 bifurcated into 309 and 310 with 14 Clubs each. Dist 318 divided into Dist 318 and Dist 319 with 24 Clubs and 19 Clubs respectively. Dist 321 did not wish to bifurcate, six clubs of Sri Lanka did not wish to bifurcate either. The four non Districted Clubs in Dist 325 formed a new District 325 which was later renumbered as Dist 329.

The first Association Conference was organized by the Council and was held in Bombay on the 5th/ 6th January 1977. About 410 Delegates attended from all parts of India and Sri Lanka. In 1985, both Sri Lanka and Bangladesh became separate entities.