The thermal cradle for life

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The Thermal Cradle for Life 

The IW Club of Salerno Est, District 210 Italy,  is pleased  to announce that, on the 5th  February 2017, at the Hospital “St John of God and Ruggi or Aragon” in Salerno, with a large presence of the press and local broadcasters, an agreement was officially ratified between the Hospital itself and the “Salerno Central Dairy Co.”

The Meeting The poster showing the way

The latter has therefore taken on the burden of sponsoring, in town and all the Salerno province, the thermal cradle  allocated in the hospital complex by printing, among other things, the thermal cradle  logo on all packaging of milk sold retail. The local broadcaster “TELEDIOCESI”, with repeated advertising and  commercials, makes it possible to locate the path to reach the thermal cradle.  
It was necessary to obtain  permits and to plan implementation. All along the year 2016, the task required the steady commitment of the Club members, who had to keep in unceasing contact with the Hospital leaders. Despite some unexpected replacements, the top managers eventually allowed the happy outcome of the initial purpose. 


The small building where the cradle is lodged  Inner Wheel Plaque

The thermal cradle, now officially called “ the thermal cradle for life“, is intended, as known, to accommodate in anonymity infants abandoned by their mothers. The donation  was realized by the IW Club of Salerno Est in two Inner Wheel  years (2013-2014 and 2014-2015), thanks to the essential financing of the National Council Italy and of  the District 210 Chairman  2013/2014  who promoted a specific fundraising for this project. 
During this last event, we were happy to know from the speech of the chief physician of the neonatal ward, who received the thermal cradle  (and who has now become  a member of our Club), that the Salerno Hospital has entered the circuit of the most qualified National Hospitals, in which is lodged a thermal cradle.     
Poster  The  cradle for life
The  cradle for life
The Imm. Past President of IWC Salerno Est