Service Review

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Mar 13, 2017 |

IW Club Genova Sud Ovest, Italy,  2016-17 Service Review


Lunch at Moneglia

On September 24, 2016, we  were guests of  our friend, Incoming President, Caterina Cerruti, who welcomed us at her  home in Moneglia. The service was in favour  of the Community of Sant'Egidio  for Malawi project to help children. Took part to the meeting some Sant Egidio  Members: Mrs Claudia Poggi,  Drs. Maria Haupt  and Drs  Gaia Olla. Thanks Caterina  for letting us spend a beautiful day in friendship at Your home.


Pop Event

On October 19, 2016, our Club organized at Palazzo della Meridian of Genoa the preview of the Andy Warhol exhibition at Genoa  Palazzo Ducale. Andrea Costa, Genoa Pop Painter, participated and showed some of his works in the gallery of  Palazzo della Meridiana. Andrea Costa gave to our Association 12 paintings for a charity lottery. It  has met  great interest and attention  the presentation by Anna Orlando: "I tell Andy from the Art to the Factory". She is an  Art Historian and journalist and she  is a strong advocate of the value of a "cultured disclosure". Then Renato Tortarolo journalist and music Italian critic, gave us a witty speech on Pop Art.
Our service was for restoration work of the statue “Our Lady of Misericordia” by Giovanni Antonio Ponsonelli, currently at the Museum of Sant'Agostino of Genoa.

The Last Emperor

On November 18, 2016,  at our Club Member  Maria Laura Zizzo’S home,it  took place the "Cineforum". The film's Choice "Valentino: The Last Emperor" by Matt Tyrnauer 2008, and film  presentation has been made by Renato Tortarolo, journalist  and critic of music, cinema, costumes and fashion. For 96 minutes  we were in a fantastic world -  so far away from us- of high fashion and of “the Last  Emperor" Valentino Garavani.

The service was our participation in the combined Rotary and Inner Wheel  project for the “Sla”, together with Gigi Ghirotti  Association. 



Christmas Market

On December 3, 2016, at the home of the Past Governor Rossana Rizzo, it was held the traditional Christmas market. Rossana, as every year, opend  her  home with love. 
All our Club  members collaborated preparing delicious dishes and helping in the sale. In the Christmas market there was also a beautiful vintage wedding trousseau, that was much appreciated. It was really a great satisfaction and a great opportunity to meet and make our contribution reflecting the  Association spirit.

Christmas Dinner

On December 6, 2016, at the home of our Club  Member  Marianna Ferrarini, we celebrated Christmas, with the authorities of the Inner Wheel Rossana Rizzo and Paola Lagorara, the President of the Inner Wheel Genoa West Alda Balestrieri, many Members of the Club with their husbands and some good friends. Our President Paola Piccini Ferrari, reminding Holy Father words for Christmas, of  last year, has made the season's greetings to everybody. Marianna Ferrarini  prepared a rich and sumptuous dinner. During  the Dinner, Laura Cavalleroni Zanotti became Member of our Club. We wish Laura a path of solidarity and friendship. At the end, a cheerful lottery with greedy and majestic panettone. Laura Nicolini Club Genoa was among the winners.


Inner Wheel Day

On January 10, 2017, we celebrated  Inner Wheel Day, our 93rd Anniversary, in the splendid halls of the Artistic Circle Tunnel of  Genoa. The Past Governor Rossana Rizzo took the floor and expressed her congratulations to the three Genoa Clubs, also recalling the figure of our founder Margaret Golding. Afterwards, the Club’s Presidents, Maria Teresa Freschi - IW Club Genoa, Alda Balestreri - IW Club Genoa West and Paola Piccini Ferrari - Genoa IW Club South West gave a little speech of wishes  for the Clubs. At the end of meeting,  the Past Governor Rossana Rizzo honoured all Members of an image of Margaret Golding, with the inscription that recalls "Asteroid 8148 Golding ", the asteroid dedicated to our founder.



The visit of the International President Oluyemisi Alatise.

On January 17, 2017, the President Paola Piccini Ferrari, with the Past President Lucia Oddera Molfino ,have represented our Club in Milano  at  the day organized  in the meeting with the International President Oluyemisi Alatise.


Conference Odyssey Memories From History myth - fiction

On  January  27, 2017, at the Grand Hotel Savoia in our city, Prof. Luigi Cogolo (already known to our Club for having entertained in 2014 with an attractive reading entitled "Notes on the appearance of consciousness" ) opened the evening by reading   " Odyssey memories. From history to myth, fiction. "Brief history in what is called the Homeric question, considering the cultural significance of the first great work of literature of the Western world, constantly present in the contemporary world, to become translated fiction in various modes: literary, filmic and more.

Dr. Ugo Ribeca, Rotary member Genova South West, recited poetry  "Ithaca" by Constantine Kavafis, and collaborated in the evening, running significant images on the screen. 



On February 19, 2017 at the Associazione Motonautica Ligure in  Genoa, thanks to our member Valentina Giuliani Donelli who coordinated the event,  there was a  Burraco Tournament. Attended  to it the Past Governor Rossana Rizzo and also Genoa Club  Members , Genoa West Club Member  and many friends who have followed our Club in this race of solidarity. The service was given to Sant Egidio,  who took part through two his representatives communities,  gave us a speech about the "homeless".
 At the end of the evening we enjoyed a good buffet.

Delicious Dinner

On February 22, 2017, the Past President Adriana Balestra Illuzzi has arranged for our Club a delicious dinner.

During the evening, our Members discussed with enthusiasm about the future Club planning. It has also been collected a service to assist earthquake victims in our country.

Love and friendship were the elements that, together with a delicious dinner , prepared with love by Adriana, made this very enjoyable evening. Thanks Adriana for Your hospitality.


Course of Training

On March 15 2017, As every year all of our Club members met at the home of Past Governor Rossana Rizzo for a training course.

Rossana spoke about our Association origin and about the principles on which it is based.

On this occasion she also recalled the importance of the "Protocol" and the alternation of governance to give a lifeblood innovation within the Club.

The Past Governor recommended to participate at  District Life to learn more about it and to be closer to the mechanism that moves the Wheel of solidarity and of 'friendship’.

Round Table

On 18 March, 2017, Our Governor, Titti Fusi, organized at Cardinal Colombo University Fondation in Milan an interesting Round Table. Our President, Paola Piccini Ferrari, at the Round Table talked about Training course importance, putting into to evidence how lucky are all Genoa Clubs  in having the guide of Past Governor Rossana Rizzo.  Paola Piccini Ferrari also informed the our Club events appeared in IIW, having been transmitted to IIW Editor, Michelle Atkinson.

Gala in favor of Genoa White Cross Charity 

On March 24 our Club, with the help of Benedetto Gritta Tassorello of Piccini law firm at Genoa, organized a charity dinner for Genoa White Cross  Charity, a voluntary no-profit association that is dedicated to transport and rescue since 1905. In the dinner, he has been given practical demonstrations of human rescue in different situations. Benedetto Spingardi Merialdi played the piano accompanying dinner with wonderful music in liberty villa Chiossone in Genova. At the end, after “health lottery”, DJ Giovanni Gritta Tassorello opened the ball.