The Netherlands

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Nov 08, 2017 |


From November 1st until November 5th Dr. Kapila Gupta was visiting IW The Netherlands

Meeting with members of Inner Wheel and join Annual Meeting were the main objectives of her visit. Sharing experience, understanding the difference between the needy in India and needy in the Netherlands. Explaining what fantastic work IW India is doing and that this high service level is also the reason why IW India is growing so fast. Understanding that in the Netherlands there is no real poverty, and school and medical care is available to all. That IW The Netherlands, within this environment, are looking for their role, their added value. They both, from the “East” and from the “West”, do share the ambition to serve the society, to serve the needy. For IW India this means offering basic help, for Netherland, it means offering love and attention. Because as Mother Teresa said: “We sometimes think that poverty is only about being hungry, naked or homeless. However, the poverty of being lonely, unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty” and in this sense, there are many needy people in Netherland too. IIW President Kapila shows her careful listening and patience in answering all their questions, so members thanked her for inspiring them to “Leave a Lasting legacy”.