Posted by International Inner Wheel | Sep 21, 2017 |

Bulgaria District 248

IIW President Dr Kapila Gupta visited District 248 Bulgaria, September 14th - 17th 2017


IIW President Dr. Kapila Gupta was a guest of the first IW club established in Bulgaria 20 years ago-IW Club of Plovdiv. She was greeted by its members with homemade bread and honey in an old Bulgarian tradition. 

The visit coincided with the starting of the First District project “Life without drugs” on the 15th of September when the new school year began. President Kapila uttered a hearty speech about the role of IW in “Lyuben Karavelov” school, where she was an honorary guest.


President Dr Kapila Gupta participated in the regular District Seminar for a training of the new club Presidents, Secretaries, and Treasurers. The seminar consisted of well-chosen presentations and interesting way of conducting discussions on key issues of the Constitution at the roundtable. Members have the privilege and honor to listen to the presentation of Dr. Kapila Gupta herself about the motivation and teamwork. District 248 started the theme “My IW story” and heard the young IW members' point of view.


The Charter application form of the new IW club –STARA ZAGORA-BEROE was symbolically handed on IIW President.


President Dr Kapila Gupta had a meeting with IW club Sofia, which members are the youngest in the District. She was inspired by their commitment to IW and said:” Members of IWC Sofia, the young generation, all members are entrepreneurs & have kids but still have time for IW, showing to all a ray of hope that working women can also be IW members.” 

Despite the tense work during the visit, President Gupta took time to have a glimpse at some historical monuments and cultural events in Plovdiv and learn a lot of our national traditions.