South Zone India

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Sep 20, 2017 |

FootPrints – South Zone Meet

South Zone Meet was held on 26th and 27th August 2017 in Thanjavur (State- Tamil Nadu in South India)  and was hosted by Inner Wheel District 298 with the special presence of IIW President Dr Kapila Gupta


Districts participated were Dist. 298, 316, 318, 319, 320, 321 and 323. with the presence of IIW President Dr Kapila Gupta. Host District Chairman Ushanandini Viswanathan, Convener PAP Vimla Abraham, Coordinator PDC Lalitha Mahudeswaran and Inner Wheel club of Thanjavur ably handled the meet. 

Dignitaries like Association President Patricia Hilton, IIW President Dr Kapila Gupta, IIW Treasurer Alagu Annamalai, Association Vice President Smitha Pingle, Association Secretary Archana Kamath, Past IIW President Kamala Ramakrishnan, PAPs  Vimala Abraham and Shailaja Bhat and many PDCs from South zone graced the occasion along with 250 participants.

Two joint District projects were inaugurated at the hands of  IIW President Dr Kapila Gupta and Association President Patricia Hilton.


  1.  As part of Inner Wheel Branding and Image Building  -  A motor rally was organized where cars and bikes were driven by Inner Wheel ladies.  IIW President Dr Kapila Gupta and Association President Patricia Hilton joined them in open car. To promote Inner Wheel, Inner Wheel banners were stuck on all the cars and bikes.

  1. Under Personal Hygiene, sanitary napkin vending machines and Incinerators were donated to rural girl schools. The project was inaugurated by IIW President Dr Kapila Gupta and Association President Patricia Hilton. 


‘Inner Wheel Brave Hearts awards’ were given to women who were serving society despite facing difficulties and challenges themselves such as an acid attack survivor, and physically challenged, the visually impaired lady who has got Ph.D. and working as the head of a department in a university.  

Project Bank, an initiative of Association President Patricia Hilton, was presented by all District Chairmen of South Zone where they mentioned outstanding projects done by their District. 


A special highlight of the program was a chat show conducted by PAP Vimla Abraham with IIW President Dr Kapila Gupta and Association President Patricia Hilton where they revealed many tender moments of their lives which made them strong women.  

26th August evening had an entertainment evening and friendship meet, Swathma Bantham. Swathma which means it has the capacity to change the world to a better place and Bantham which means unite. Swathma Bantham united Inner Wheel ladies. The event had many interesting entertainment programs performed by enthusiastic participants. 


There was a grand felicitation of IIW President Dr Kapila Gupta by all 7 District Chairmen from South Zone. IIW President Dr Kapila Gupta enlightened them by explaining her beautiful IIW theme, Inner Wheel Goals, and IIW Convention.