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 Footprints West Zone Meet

Footprints -West Zone Meet was held on 12th and 13th August 2017 at Jalgaon  (State- Maharashtra in West India and was hosted by District 303 with the special presence of IIW President Dr. Kapila Gupta. Districts 303, 304, 305,306, 313,314, 317 and 312 participated in the Meet.

Two District projects were inaugurated at the hands of  IIW President Dr. Kapila Gupta and Association President Patricia Hilton. These projects will now be followed by all the clubs in the District 303 throughout the year as District Projects for the year 2017-18.

Image Building of Inner Wheel Organized Go Green Rally where Inner Wheel members and local school children took part. 200  Green T-shirts carrying Inner wheel logo and 300 umbrellas with Inner wheel logo and IIW Theme 2017-18 logos were distributed to all participants. Go Green Rally with social cause – The rally ended with Prize Distribution at the hands of the IIW President Dr. Kapila Gupta and Association President Patricia Hilton to school children who participated in the Drawing competition on the subject “Save Environment”. 


‘Inner Wheel Brave Heart Awards’ were given to the women who were serving society despite facing difficulties and challenges.

There was a grand felicitation of IIW President Dr. Kapila Gupta by all 7District Chairmen from West Zone. IIW President Dr. Kapila Gupta enlightened attendees by explaining her beautiful IIW theme, Inner Wheel Goals, and IIW Convention.

The event had many interesting and colorful entertainment programs performed by enthusiastic participants. A special highlight was a chat show conducted by PAP Rashmi Sharma with IIW President Dr. Kapila Gupta and Association President Patricia Hilton where they revealed many tender moments of their lives which made them strong women.