"Sport is Health"

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Nov 02, 2017 |

"Sport is Health"

Project of IW Club Yambol District 248, Bulgaria

For the project “Sport is Health”, IW Club Yambol (District 248 Bulgaria) donated to the city park of the Municipality of the town an outdoor fitness area to be used by all citizen and guests. The idea of the project aroused last IW year 2016/2017, inspired by the motto “Touch a heart”. Their young, actively sporting friend Ralitsa Alexandrova managed to convince them, that if they build an outdoor fitness area, it will be good for health and the physical strengthening of the people and will bring them joy and pleasure using it.

This is how the joint efforts have begun to bring the idea to a successful realization – finding the suitable area, drafting a constructive opinion and issuing a permit for placement, purchasing the sports devices and their real implementation.

Today, in the new IW 2017/2018 year, with the motto “Leave a lasting legacy”, they can treat themselves with this wonderful facility, funded entirely with the resources and efforts of private physical and legal entities, involved in this cause to work for the benefit of society.