Breastfeeding Awarness Campaign

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Oct 05, 2017 |

Breastfeeding Awareness Campaign

Breastfeeding Awareness Campaign was carried out by all Inner Wheel Clubs from India throughout the month of August 


Inner Wheel members from India carried out various activities and innovative projects, which are worth mentioning. Many awareness lectures were organized by various sections of the society such as;

1. How mother's milk gives immunity to the child

2. How mother's milk is a complete food 

3. How to maintain hygiene during breastfeeding 

4. How family members should give support to the mothers of newborn babies 

5. How long mother should breastfeed her child

6. What kind of nutritious diet young mother should have so that she can give sufficient milk to her baby for a long period



Inner Wheel members in India always work for underprivileged. Many Inner Wheel Clubs visited Government Maternity Hospitals where pregnant women came for a checkup. Various lectures were arranged for to- be mothers to prepare them for effective breastfeeding. 

During Hospital visits, Inner Wheel Clubs gave clothes to newborn babies. They also gave nutritious food supplements, medicines, and personal hygiene products to new mothers. 

Special lectures were arranged on the concept of Milk Bank and also on - how to make mother's milk available to babies whose mothers go out to work. 

It was amazing to know how Inner Wheel in India reached to the nooks and corners of the various towns and villages to spread this awareness. 

It may a drop in ocean, but this work will definitely save many infants from infections, control child mortality rate and will help in making new generation mentally and physically strong!