Community Service in Howick

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 28, 2017 |

Community Service in Howick

IW Club Howick, NZ291, New Zealand support their local community and

Touch A Heart in 2016-17


The Inner Wheel Club of Howick, NZ291, New Zealand, have had a busy year of touching hearts.

At its changeover meeting on June 21 the club donated the Howick Police and New World Botany each a defibrillator, and also two big boxes of clothes to charity Stand Children's Services. They had also provided women’s Hygiene products to the district project of Takanini Family service centre.

For Kidz First, the group does knitting for newborn babies, wrapping booties, beanies, cardigans and blankets up as gift packs for families. It also makes dolls cots out of shoeboxes for children having operations and supplies hygiene bags to mothers who accompany their kids while they have operations.