Canberra Memorial

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 27, 2017 |

Canberra Memorial

Non-Districted IW Club Canberra Belconnen, In Australia,

share some of their news from this year.


The Inner Wheel Club of Canberra Belconnen were saddened by the very sudden death of our much valued and past District Chairman, Nell Cooper. The club met with members of Nell's family recently when we added her plaque to our memorial garden chair at the Calvary Hospital’s Rotary Cottage accommodation, and enjoyed afternoon tea afterward, in the lovely Autumn sunshine Nell loved so much. The photos show Nell’s family, Kirsten and Robyn (daughter), Grace (granddaughter) and her husband Alex, and daughter Louise seated on the Inner Wheel garden seat at the Calvary Hospital’s Rotary Cottage accommodation, also a group if Inner Wheel ladies and friends, at the unveiling of Nell’s plaque.

Our culinary skills have become a much sought after highlight providing fruit and refreshments and drinks at the annual 5 Peaks Challenge bike ride conducted by Woden Rotary. Who wouldn't enjoy a pink lamington, blueberry muffin or corn fritter between hills? Our membership stands at 20, meeting for dinner on the 3rd Tuesday each month, with weekly Mahjong meetings and regular movie and lunch days (which add to our project bank balance). The friendship in the club is strong. These 2 photos show the food for 5 Peaks Challenge, in the boot of a member’s car before the event.