Birches Angels

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 27, 2017 |

Birches Angels


The IW Club of Trento, D206, Italy, supporting "Birches Angels" or

"Clown Doctors" in local children's Hospital.


"Birches angels" as they call themselves, are those volunteers who, in the footsteps of the famous American Patch Adams do lane clowns, visited our club. Under the patronage of C.R.I. (Red Cross) who cares for education and training especially from a psychological point of view,

Cerottino e Luce, our two guests, go where there is suffering, fear, vulnerability and turn their activity of smile operators not only to children or to elderly, but to anyone who needs a push to smile. So their stage is in hospitals, residences for senior citizens, sheltered homes, psychiatric clinics, and places of major emergencies.

In Trento their association was founded in 2007 and has about 70 operators. With due preparation, they can donate their time to people of all ages from the age of 18 to ....

Their movies show a very engaging and moving touch with how delicate (starting with clothing) come into contact with sufferers. Contrary to circus clowns, they do not want to tear away the applause but get in touch with people: so slowly they get open and then smile again. Our club was engaged in a collection of goods and items that can then be donated to people who are attended by them and are therefore a valuable support to their daily lives.

Thanks to the generosity of members and friends we were able to donate 6 boxes of goods and objects. Also, some of our members wanted to paint and donate to the clowns 3 shirts to use for their business.