Princess Maxima Centre

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 15, 2017 |

Princess Maxima Centre

IW Clubs in the Netherlands are supporting the Princess Maxima Centre for Paediatric Oncology as a National Project.

In the, to be newly built, Princess Máxima Centre for paediatric oncology, all expertise in the field of paediatric oncology and research is brought together in one place to provide the very best treatment, and to cure more children with cancer.

Every year approximately 550 children are diagnosed with cancer in the Netherlands. Cancer is still the leading cause of death among children. At present, treatment for the most common paediatric cancers is still scattered across multiple hospitals and the research infrastructure is still fragmented.

By combining care and research within the Princess Máxima Centre, a national childhood cancer centre, we will be able to cure more children in the future.