Menstruation Awareness

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 15, 2017 |

Menstruation Awareness

Menstruation awareness project in Akhalia, Norshingdi, Dhaka organised by IW Club Dhaka West, D328, Bangladesh.

The point of this project was to aware the women of this village Akhalia, Norshingdi, Dhaka, of the deadly diseases that can be caused by using dirty or old cloths during menstruation.

The IW Club of Dhaka West provides sanitary napkins to all the girls of a school named 'Farida Hashem School and College' in this village every month. They also made a toilet in the school for these young women.

150 students of this school are benefiting from these facilities. This project is very dear to Farida Hashem, Chairman of District 328, Bangladesh, because the school is named after her and it's in her village home. We believe that a mother needs to be fit for birthing a fit and healthy child. For this cause, looking after these young women's health and future, IW Club of Dhaka West does this project every year as their permanent project.