Pink Room

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 14, 2017 |

Pink Room

IW Club Ortona, D209, Italy support Breast Surgery ward at Bernabeo Hospital in Ortona to furnish a pink room.

The Inner Wheel Club of Ortona, D209, Italy allocated the sum of Euros to the Ward of Breast Surgery of the “Bernabeo” Hospital in Ortona to furnish a “pink” room thanks to the generosity of a large number of guests who participated in the third edition of “CottoXbene”, a competition between amateur cooks organized by IW Club of Ortona presided by Angela Berardi Nervegna.

“A new room where patients can sit and wait more tranquilly. An initiative intended to humanize the hospital system”

These were the expressions used by Professor Ettore Cianchetti Head of the Ward, a centre of excellence in the Abruzzo Region.

The event was held at the Restaurant “Vecchio Teatro” of Armando Carusi. The starred Chef William Zonfra from L’Aquila and the Chef Davide Mazza from Caserta, teacher at the Niko Romito High Specialization Cookery School, were the guests of honour of the technical Jury.

Many prizes were offered by generous sponsors thus making it possible to sell raffle tickets and raise money in favour of District 209 service consisting in a scholarship to be allocated to the Ipsia Institute in Terni.