My Body Belongs To Me

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 14, 2017 |

My Body Belongs To Me

District 89, Germany, has been devoted to the programme "My Body Belongs to Me" to help create Happier Futures Better Lives and to Touch A Heart.

The Inner Wheel District Project for 2016/2017 in 89th District in Germany has been devoted to a programme in three parts: "My Body Belongs To Me", designed to reach nine to ten year old children - and assisted by the Hamburg organization "Dunkelziffer."

It deals with the subject of sexual abuse, a subject where many adults find themselves confronted by the question of how to inform their children. The Theaterpädagogische Werkstatt Osnabrück (The theatrical pedagogic workshop of Osnabrück) has developed a highly praised programme to explain this to children.

School classes are visited individually by an actor and an actress, who imitate everyday situations which a child might experience: a bus ride, games on the school playground, finding new friends while chatting online. Of particular importance is the exchange of views and discussions with the children at the end of each performance. In this way they learn to identify what sexual abuse is, that they should trust their own feelings and that every person is entitled to say "NO", if they find contact unpleasant.

The children increasingly gain the impulse to seek help when they feel the need!

Why is "My Body Belongs To Me", predestinated to be an Inner Wheel District Project?

This is a social and preventive project which reaches many young girls and boys before they arrive at puberty. It is a tried and tested, successful project which also fits in with greater areas of responsibility involving integration, moral concepts and refugees. And finally all the children acquire something essential for themselves: an awareness of their own personal "Yes", and "No" feelings, and aided by the "Three Questions", a definite course of action which enables them to avoid possible dangers.

The poster remains in the classroom to remain the children:

  1.  Do I have a "Yes" or a "No" feeling?
  2.  Does anybody knows where I am?
  3.  Can anybody give me help, if I need it?

During the District Chairman“s club visits to 28 clubs, she experienced not only sympathetic listeners but also lively and interested discussions showing that the Inner Wheel friends where clearly affected. This was further underlined by the generous financial contributions towards the project for the two schools within the District.

Happier futures - better lives! Touch a heart!