From Understanding to Tolerance

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 14, 2017 |

From Understanding to Tolerance

IW Club Ragusa Contea di Modica, D211, Italy, organised a meeting "From Understanding to Tolerance" to foster International Understanding and promote true friendship.

On April 26, 2017, the Inner Wheel Club of Ragusa Contea di Modica, presided by Anita Monaco Portelli, organized a Meeting entitled “From Understanding to Tolerance” at the Garibaldi Theatre in Modica.

It consisted in a discussion between the three monotheistic religions professed in the Mediterranean countries: Judaism, Islamism and Christianity. The important speakers who debated the matter were Gabriele Spagna, Sicily’s Sefardic Secretary, Abdelhafid Kheit, President of the Islamic Community in Sicily and Antonio Staglianò, Bishop of Noto.

A large number of people, civil and military authorities and the students of the fourth year of High Schools attended the Meeting. Revelation, Scriptures, Prayer, Life, Death, Woman were some of the subjects dealt with by the three speakers with the participation of the Chief Rabbi Stefano Di Mauro videoconferencing from Jerusalem.

As the IW President highlighted in her introduction, the project originated from one of the three objectives of IW: fostering international understanding, promoting the spirit of friendship, peace, the knowledge of all immaterial inheritance intrinsic to a people.

The peculiar geographic position of Sicily and Italy situated in the very centre of the Mediterranean Sea, as a beating heart, favours the relationships between the countries overlooking the sea and represents a point of conjunction towards Europe in the North and the Mediterranean countries in the South.

To establish direct relationships between the different cultures in the Mediterranean area, it is imperative to know them and to find out what unites the peoples of the Mediterranean countries, keeping always in mind the safeguard of the fundamental human rights in all aspects of life. The Meeting was an important step towards the project aiming at promoting mutual understanding between Mediterranean peoples.

IW Club members committed themselves to organize a series of meetings with students attending the fourth year of all High Schools in town and to allocate two scholarships.