Foundation de Carneri

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 14, 2017 |

Foundation de Carneri

The IW Club of Milano San Carlo Naviglio Grande, D204, Italy support the Foundation de Careri in Zanzibar during 2016-17.


This year the IW Club of Milano San Carlo Naviglio Grande, D 204, Italy continued to support the “Foundation de’ Carneri” working in the island of Pemba, in the Archipelago of Zanzibar, Tanzania.

The Foundation aims at preventing parasitic and infectious diseases in developing countries. In their opinion, no economic development is possible in a country characterized by unhealthy living conditions.

It is important to inform young people and above all sanitary operators to foster social and economic development within the community. Many important projects are being implemented such as the construction of two dispensaries for the treatment of mothers and children in the villages of Gombani and Punjini capable of assisting a large number of patients every day and providing them with free, indispensable medicines.

Thanks to her commitment, the President of the Foundation, Alessandra de’ Carneri, member of our Club, was presented with the “Margarette Golding Award”