Ballet Scholarship

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 13, 2017 |

Ballet Scholarship

IW Club of Varese and Verbano, D204, Italy supporting Scholarship for promising young dancer

at the Ballet School of the Accademia Teatro della Scala of Milan.


Maria Brandazza, President of the Inner Wheel Club of Varese and Verbano, District 204 Italy in the biennial period 2012-14 proposed a prestigious service that was extended until 2017:

"My unconditional love for music led me to propose a scholarship award that would allow a promising young dancer to realize her dreams. The talented Maria Chiara Bono was trained to become a professional ballet dancer by the Accademia Teatro della Scala of Milan, one of the leading classical ballet schools in the world. With passion, discipline and determination, she accomplished years of challenging school and exercises to follow her passion."

Our scholarship promoted her for 5 years, as she grew professionally and pursued her ambitions as a ballet dancer. The Inner Wheel Club of Varese e Verbano is proud to have supported the young and outstanding dancer Maria Chiara!