Italian Doctor in the Congo

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 12, 2017 |

Italian Doctor in the Congo

Since 2009, the Inner Wheel Club of Torino Nord Ovest (District 204) has been implementing an international service in favour of Foyer Cancan, a small community founded by the Italian Doctor Piera Tortore.

She was born in Cuneo where she worked for many years at the local Hospital, after graduating in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Turin. For many years she has been working as a volunteer at the Don Bosco Hospital in Lubumbashi (the second most important city in the Republic of Congo)where she cared and is still caring for a group of twenty abandoned children without a family, giving them the opportunity to grow and be educated.

Her commendable, humanitarian commitment allowed her to provide a family to these children who were “refused” and who have now grown up into nice girls and sturdy young men capable of living in a difficult country.

A very serious problem concerns school attendance: 70%of children are not able to go to school due to very high school taxes. It is usual to meet children wandering about in the streets, begging or stealing to eat. Their school is violence, these young tramps will be tomorrow’s criminals.

The following are Doctor Tortore’s words explaining the climate and difficulties she has to cope with every day:

"Life has never been easy here. Some problems are very deep-rooted and it is imperative to learn to live with difficulties without giving up one’s dreams for a better world."