Heart Beats in Messina

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 12, 2017 |

Heart Beats in Messina

Mother Teresa of Calcutta used to say “Touch Heart and you will change the world."

Members of IW Club of Messina, District 211, Italy, wanted to put her message into practice. The service they realized this year “The heart of IW Club of Messina beats for the earthquake victims and for the poor” aimed at achieving this effect combining the commitment of solidarity on two fronts: the city of Messina and the Region of Abruzzo.

The donation allocated by IW Club of Messina to purchase various foodstuffs (ham, lentils, cheese, etc) from the area struck by continuous earthquakes in August 2016, doubled its effect: IW friends from Umbria offered their cooperation helping them to buy high quality products at very competitive prices. These products, once received in Messina, were equally donated to Mense dei Poveri (Soup kitchens) active in the city.

The IW Club of Messina President Ester Tigano was heartily thanked by the recipients of this service of solidarity which was also illustrated by articles in the local newspapers.