Coin For A Cord Day

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 12, 2017 |

Coin For A Cord Day

IW Austraila's National Project, Cord Blood Research - National Coin For A Cord Day

Australian IW members passion and enthusiasm for their National Project Cord Blood Research continues to grow. Their National Day - Coin for a Cord Day is important as it promotes in the public arena the growing public awareness of Cord Blood Research (CBR) and is a very important element enabling the Project to remain financially viable.

A message from one of their key researchers has sown the seed for a stall at their hospital on Coin for a Cord Day 2018. This thoughtful gesture reinforces how highly regarded Inner Wheel members are. From a seed a tree might grow? They have spread their fundraising wings with some Clubs undertaking new initiatives to promote CBR and raise money. Fresh ideas are fantastic and encourage Clubs to diversify their fundraising methods.

Here are a few examples of Coin For  A Cord day activity: