Beyoglu Touch A Heart

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 12, 2017 |

Beyoglu Touch A Heart

The IW Club of Beyoglu, D242, Turkey have undertaken a range of projects this year to Touch A Heart and Create Happier Futures Better Lives.

11 APRIL 2017 

As a part of their mission to help children, Beyoglu IWC has donated 1 microwave oven, 1 refrigetor and bread maker machine to Engelsiz Kafe located in Yalova. This cafe & restaurant has been established by the Yalova Municipality in order to create employment for the young people with down syndrome, autistic and mentally handicapped who can cook and serve.

30 NOVEMBER 2016


As the second project, on the 30th November, Beyoglu IWC has organized a free eye screening for the children and their families. The targeted market was mainly handicapped children as well as families with low income.

27 SEPTEMBER 2016 


Based on this year’s motto Touch A Heart, District 242nd and Non District Sarayonu Club from Northern Cyprus has taken a group of handicapped teenagers to Kırklareli where the President of Dolmabahce IWC has organised a breakfast picnic. As a part of this project, Beyoglu IWC has taken this group to the rehabilitation center of Turkish Mother’s Association where the children have found the opportunity to meet their Turkish Friends.