2 Projects in Torino

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 12, 2017 |

Restoration of Ivories at Palazzo Madama and A variety show for Night Shelter have been 2 projects of the IW Club of Torino 45th Parallelo this year as they Touch A Heart and create Happier Futures Better Lives.


In September 2016 the IW Club of Torino 45th Parallelo, D 204, Italy, received thanks from Professor Guido Curto, the head curator Palazzo Madama, for their precious cultural service.

The restored ebony and ivory statues are on show in the Guidobaldo Hall of Palazzo Madama in Turin and are the work of Simon Troger, a Tyrolean ebony sculptor who worked in Munich until 1768. The sculptured groups, Solomon's Judgment and the Sacrifice of Isaac are gifts received by Carlo Emanuele III, the King of Savoy from 1730 to 1773.

Both groups refer to the theme of regality that is highlighted in choosing the main material, ivory, and the subjects. Behind the figures of Abraham, whose hand is guided by God, and Solomon, who represents wisdom and knowledge, there is a hidden reference to Carlo Emanuele. Cristina Maritano and Clelia Arnaldi di Balme, curators of Palazzo Madama, helped us to rethink the story of the works, both from their point of view of their conservation as well as their dispersal in various museums.

The historical researcher is like a detective who, with a careful and thorough study, reconstructs the ordeals and misadventures of the work.




Once again, "there’s strength in numbers” and with the support of the Rotary the IW Club of Torino 45th Parallelo were able to pick up the thread that links them to Night Shelters.

This time, following the suggestion of their friend Alberto Diaspro, they contributed to providing dental x-rays, together with the dental outpatient clinic that cares for the poorest, and especially children.

For the “crowd founding” this time an enjoyable variety show was organized. As a tradition, before the show, the audience were able to enjoy a rich buffet prepared by the members who, as every year, refine their culinary skills and are appreciated not only for the preparation of the many delicious delicacies, but also for the ability to improvise as receptionists, ushers, waiters, bartenders and cloakroom assistants to cater for the guests.

Thanks to the pleasant “starter” and settled down comfortably in the cozy theatre, the audience was well-prepared to enjoy the show, which began with the customary greetings. Then Mr. Rosso, President of Night Shelters, during his thank you speech, reminded us of the activities of the center.

Every year 100,000 hot meals are served, and there are 5,000 health interventions, with particular attention to children: it is mostly dental work, thanks to the voluntary work of dozens of dentists and dental technicians. The curtain was metaphorically raised for “Variety for Friends”, thanks to the Rotary member Giorgio Bolognese and his connections to the world of entertainment and the collaboration of the charity “Charity4all” to which he belongs. Giorgio was also the director and, like a catalyst, masterfully conducted the show, seasoned with pleasant humor and a touch of histrionics.

We should mention all the artists who entertained us throughout the evening: the cheerful Circus Family Group, four wild kids, a fearless little sister and a lovely but over-size mummy, all worthy acrobatic dancers, and in the second part of the show, very skilled quick-change artists; the mimic, Matteo Cionini, who with burlesque but elegant irreverence, imitated an inept and somewhat grumpy orchestra conductor and later skillfully performed clown tricks; the composer and solo guitarist Edoardo Pieri with his live music; Cherry and Camilla graceful, flirtatious dancers, who performed a spectacular Charleston and then elegant dances in Arabian costumes; the illusionist and “micromanipulator” Giacomo Alfred Carena who, by showing off to reveal his tricks, in fact made them even more mysterious and astonishing; Enrico Balsamo, fresh from his television hits, a truly surreal comedian and breathtaking ventriloquist (the only one in the world without a puppet) who talked exhilaratingly with a mischievous microphone; and here and there, to season everything, the pleasant piano performances of Giorgio Bolognese, who, in spite of a bad finger, gave us a masterly performance of jazz improvisations. And to end, everyone sang the Italian National Anthem to close a lively and fast-moving show that gave us two hours of pure entertainment.