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IIW President Dr Kapila Gupta has visited Central and Southern Italy from May 11th  to 22nd  2018

On her arrival in Italy at Fiumicino Airport in Rome on May 11th 2018, the International Inner Wheel President Kapila Gupta was welcomed by National Representative Gemma Pirondini and some  members from two Roman Clubs. At Universo Hotel the National Council President Isabella Rizza warmly greeted her at the “Friendship Days” in Rome.

The following day the IIW President, together with many IW authorities and members visited a beautifully set up exhibition at “Trajan’s Markets”, in the area of Imperial Forums and then she made a short visit to the Vatican City.


In the evening she took part as a guest of honour to the Gala Dinner at “Nuovo Circolo degli Scacchi”, an exclusive Club, that in 19th century was the seat of the Russian Embassy in Rome. On this occasion, as well as on the subsequent ones, all participants had the chance to listen to the Indian National Anthem, whose words had been written by the famous Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore.

The day after, May 13th, in the morning,  the President visited the imposing “Palazzo del Quirinale”, home to Italian Republic President. Later on, at Good-bye Lunch at “Regio Circolo Tevere Remo” she addressed words of joy and thanks to NC President Isabella, District 208 Chairman Marita and all members, before leaving Rome to visit other Italian Districts.

The “Friendship Days” in Rome gave President Kapila the great opportunity to meet many IW members from all over Italy, who wanted to be photographed next to her, exchange banners and speak about their Clubs and services. It was really a big success!!

IIW President’s Kapila’s second stop was in Terni, where she was warm-heartedly welcomed by IIWPP Gabriella Adami and the members of her Club, whose President Paola illustrated the most important Club services of the current year.

On May 14th in the morning  the President attended a nice, simple  ceremony.  Two saplings were planted in the garden of a primary school in Terni and subsequently the school-children performed songs and dances in her honour.

After lunch the journey was resumed towards Gubbio, where IIW President was welcomed with a bountiful dinner in a IW Club member’s home from NCIPP Alessandra Colcelli, District 209 Chairman Antonella Roncarolo, Club President Cecilia and many members. A friendly conversation about Club’s life and services animated the dinner. The following day, May 15th, the IIW President attended and enjoyed in Gubbio the “Corsa dei Ceri”, one of the most exciting events in region Umbria, that every year attracts thousands of visitors from Italy and abroad.


On May 16th next stop was in Ancona, on the Adriatic Sea, where the President was first received at Town Hall by the Mayor of the city and then, together with D209 Chairman Antonella and Club President Tea, delivered an important service to “Salesi Children Hospital”. She held there a short speech on the importance that IW members have in  helping their communities.


In the evening, at “Fortino Napoleonico”, a charming place facing the sea, took place a meeting with the Club members. The International President was introduced by the National Representative and just after held  an interesting speech relating to the theme “Inner Wheel around the world”. An elegant dinner with a sparkling cake closed the meeting.

The next day President Kapila was in Grottammare, a nice resort on the Adriatic Sea, where she met President Barbara and members of IW Club San Benedetto del Tronto, having so the opportunity to hear about their activities and services. In the afternoon, transfer to Ascoli Piceno with D209 Chairman Antonella to award  prizes to three young architects, winners of the Competition “Let’s give a future to the memory of Pescara del Tronto”, a small village in the surroundings, completely destroyed by the 2016 earthquake. The event occurred in the ancient “Palazzo dei Capitani”


On May 18th , IIW President fully appreciated in Isernia a visit to the local library where IW Club President Angelina, together with a group of members presented a service and spoke about future projects. In the evening, after an interview from the local TV on  IW aims, a tasteful dinner with Rotarians and civil authorities gave President Kapila the occasion of a short speech about relations between Inner Wheel and Rotary. The day after in the cosy Municipal Theatre in Atessa, the President spoke on the recent improvement of IIW website and communications at an interesting Forum about “Inner Wheel Internationality and Communication”, that involved  several speakers. A concert followed in President Kapila’s honour.


The next day, in the same theatre she had an interview from the local TV and spoke about the future of IW. Soon after took place the 46th District 209 Assembly, also in the presence of NC President Isabella. After listening to many Officers’ reports, President Kapila addressed her greetings to the authorities and all Club members, highly appreciating their commitment in the field of humanitarian, social and cultural services and thanked  NC President Isabella and Chairman Antonella for their warm reception. Then she took leave as she had to reach the city of Bari,  on Southern Adriatic Sea, the last destination of her journey to Italy.

In Bari the President was welcomed by District 210 Chairman Irene Calzetta, President of IW Club Bari Silvana Jacobini, President of IW Club Bari Levante Marisa di Biase and a number of  members of both Clubs.


On May 21st she was present with NC President Isabella at two major Inner Wheel events, held in the refined setting of “Villa Romanazzi Carducci”.

The first one was the Contact between District 210 Italy and District 191 Croatia. After the National Anthems and several addresses, President Kapila signed the parchments together with District 210 Chairman Irene, District 191 Chairman Snjezana, National Representative of Italy Gemma and District 191 Secretary in representation of National Representative of Croatia Meri.

Shortly after took place the Celebration of 40th Anniversary of Club of Bari. After a pleasant choir performance, Club President Silvana presented the Club all along its life, then  invited President Kapila to hand over a parchment to all Past Club Presidents and furthermore to deliver the Margarette Golding Award to the Past District 210 Chairman Lia Giorgino.

Before dinner the IIW President  greeted all attendees, very pleased for the warm welcome she had everywhere received and  expressing words of praise for the great vitality of IW Italy that “was going strong for so many years, especially in the last few years, giving  many new Clubs”.

The President of NC Isabella heartily thanked her for her visit, which made all Italian members very proud and happy.

The following day, accompanied by National Representative Gemma to Bari  airport, President Kapila flew to Croatia, the last place to visit in her presidency year. National Representative thanked her for visiting Inner Wheel Italy and wished her a safe journey to Croatia and then back to India.

"In the name of National Council, Districts and Clubs of Italy and my own, thank you so much dear President Kapila. I really enjoyed the days passed in your company in Central and Southern Italy. As I had the privilege of being by your side, I had also the opportunity to comprehend  your wisdom, your knowledge, your  understanding." NR Gemma Pirondini