Phyllis' visit To Castellammare Di Stabia

Posted by | Jun 04, 2020 |

It's nice and hard to narrate a party! Especially for such an important anniversary: 40 years! On February the 3rd, President Francesca Carosella Picardi recalled with emotion 40 years of friendships, 40 years of service and events, in an evening full of guests, participants involved and aware of the witnessed values.

The honored guest, The International President Mrs. Phyllis Charter, who, with particular verve has stressed the relevance and depth of the Inner Wheel commitment. The following spoke: National Representative Cinzia Tomatis, National Council’s President Lina de Gioia Carabellese Cormio, Past President CN Anna Maria Falconio Di Trapani, and 210 District Chairman Caterina Bove Narullo.

All components of 210 District Executive were present, Past District Chairmen Irene Calzetta Ficociello, Maria Andria Pietrofeso and Bianca De Stefano.

There was an intervention of the Rotary President of Castellammare di Stabia Francesco Di Somma and the PDG of District 2100 Salvatore Iovieno, as well as the Mayor of Castellammare di Stabia, Gaetano Cimmino and the Port Authority Commander of Castellammare, Ivan Savarese.

An evening not only of words, rich and heartfelt, also of images, many images to witness the main services and the several events that have followed in 40 years of life of the Stabiese club.

The elegant and cozy Hall of the Convention Hotel, where the ritual greetings were followed by images, was crowded with presidents and IW members of many Clubs of the District, Rotary members and other guests, including Mr. Paul Reginald Charter, illustrious Rotarian consort of the International President, the founding members Lucia Opromolla, Anna La Rana De Nardo and the Assessors Diana Carosella and Fulvio Calo.

The images projected were gradually commented, in a voice sometimes broken by emotion, by the President of the Club Stabiese Francesca, rightly proud to remember so much variety of action and planning.

Divided by themes, were presented the services inspired to the defense of the weakest, older people, children; the services for the enhancement of artistic heritages to be recovered, fundraising events, parties and finally the District Assemblies, organized five times from the Club Stabiese, in the inner spirit of friendship and pride of belonging.

After the institutional part, the joyful and serene moment of the gala dinner and, at the end, a small publication for the guests, which resumes the story started in 2000 for the 20th anniversary of the Club. The publication carefully tells many details of these 40 years. It has on its cover, as 20 years ago, a reproduction of a gouache with the view of Vesuvius and Castello Stabiese, city’s symbols. The same image embellishes boxes of madreperla, round, square, and rectangular, donated to the ladies present.

The party ended like all the parties, with the candles on the cake, hugs and lots of goodbyes. Certainly, to the next anniversary celebrations, because the Stabiesi IW members have shown that they want to engage for many, many years to come.

Amalia Dema