Israel welcomes President Christine

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 12, 2019 |

During President Chris visit to District 99 we introduced the clubs members and their activities as follows:

We started with meeting Stella Maris club members, Christian and Muslim women from the Arab Community in Haifa City volunteering in the "Sacred Heart", an Institute that is devoted to helping disabled children. 

Chris was also exposed to the involvement in the "House of Grace" which devoted to help ex-prisoners. At the meeting, Chris was presented with a beautiful cross stitch wall hanging.


Haifa Club projects are:

Holocaust Survivors - organizing meetings with special lectures, entertainment meetings; The House of young women - This house offers support in all aspects. Donating equipment, helping to find jobs, help with their studies, and cooking hot meals for them.

 We visited Nahariya Club, Chris was impressed by the activity in the "Warm House" which is a home for girls aged 14-26 who come from broken families and are in danger of deterioration. This house provides the girls with hot meals and with enrichment activities. We have visited school for children with special need, Nahariya club members donated educational software and accompanying equipment (below left, with IW members staff and girls inside Warm House).
















Chris signed the Visitor's Book at the old Nahariya Lighthouse that was restored and repurposed by IWC Nahariya and the Rotary Club. Is now a cultural/arts centre and one of the pieces on display was crocheted by IW and forms part of the exhibition on display at the Lighthouse.










Nazareth Club Members established an activity centre for youth with special needs, where Chris was thoroughly involved with the children activities in this unique centre. 

A seaside lunch with Acre Club members is a mix of Druze, Jewish, Muslim and Christian members working together in harmony to promote population in need (above right).  

Carmel club is involves with "after school child care" by inviting the children to outdoor activities. 

Ramat Yishai Club members volunteer in a club for socially deprived children teaching them to play games and celebrating holidays with them, making puppets for sick children. 

Rishon Le Zion Club project is after school care centre for children. The club members donate games, play with the children by giving them special activities.

Giving folk lectures to group of mentally disabled people. 


It wasn’t all work though, as the IW Clubs had arranged for Chris tour significant sites throughout the country.

They visited Rosh Hanikra (on the border with Lebanon), Nahariya City, the Old City of Acre, toured Haifa City, Lake Of Galilee with its Holy Places and the Holy Places in Nazareth, Jerusalem, the Capital of Israel and the Holy City for all religions, touring Jerusalem Holy Sites , Masada and the Dead Sea.
















And any trip to Israel would not be complete without visiting Jaffa in Tel Aviv, before we all reluctantly said farewell at the airport.


Orna Gan-Zvi - NR District 99