IIW President Chris Kirby's visit to India

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Visit of International Inner Wheel President Christine Kirby to India. 

The visit of International Inner Wheel President Christine Kirby to India began on 1st of Feb 2019. IIW President and Association President addressed a project of IWC of Madras-Career Assessment at the Corporation School. Twelve pink autos were launched and flagged off by IIW President Christine Kirby. All the 50 clubs contributed towards this project. On 2nd February, for the first time a job fair ‘AARAMBAM was organized for women and trans-genders by all the clubs in the district.

 IIW President Mrs Christine Kirby visited Pondicherry District 298 on 3rd & 4th of February. She was accompanied by our Association President Mrs. Smita Pingale and Association Secretary Mrs. Padma Preetha. On 4th February in the presence of IIW President PROJECT GREEN FIELD was initiated along with the Honourable Minister for Agriculture and Education Govt. of Pondicherry, where 4,000 saplings of various trees were planted to support farmers.

IIW President Christine Kirby and Association President Smita Pingale visited Inner Wheel District 314 on February 5th, 6th, and 7th 2019. The dignitaries inaugurated the Medical cum Research Centre and the Upgraded Leprosy wards at Wakdi Village in Panvel near Mumbai. A photo exhibition portraying the rural work done by the District for the past 25 years was also inaugurated. 

 15th Triennial Conference was held at Pune from 8th & 10th February 2019. The chief guest was IIWP Christine Kirby. A special program for ISOs’ was organised and a shopping arcade, both inaugurated by IIWP Christine Kirby and Association President Smita Pingale. Logo of IIW Convention (https://tinyurl.com/Jaipur2021) too was launched by them.

Coordinators of the 15th Triennial Conference - PIIWR Charulata Chinchankar, PIIW Board Director Roshan Chindhy and organizing committee along with District Executive Committee of the host District 313 made the Triennial successful.

The honourable presence of IIW Executives IIW Vice President Phyllis Charter, Immediate Past IIW President Dr Kapila Gupta, IIW Treasurer Azhagu Annamalai, International Constitution Chairman Corinne Dalleur, IIW Board Director Gabrielle Schruempf and IIW Administrator Mr. Alan Phillips was a distinct feature of the 15th National Triennial Conference. 

IIW Presidents Mrs. Minna Kapur, Mrs. Anita Agarwal, Dr. Pallavi Shah, Mrs. Abha Gupta attended the conference.  

Over fifteen hundred delegates from India and from Austria, Germany, Malaysia, Jorden, Turkey, Sri Lanka, and Nepal attended the conference.

IIWVP Phyllis Charter delivered her inputs in the symposium 'Let's Make It Big', a National Project for Inner Wheel India, which was very well received by the members. 

Inaugural session witnessed the welcome to dignitaries and Flag Parade followed by opening remarks by Association President Smita Pingale. Keynote speaker IGP Swati Lakra interacted with the audience. PAP Pushpa Suryamurty was presented the Margarette Golding Award by IIWP Christine Kirby and Association President Smita Pingale. This was followed by the address of IIWP Christine Kirby.

 On 9th February the business session was very meticulously conducted by PIIWE Gomathi Viswanathan CCCC & Association President Smita Pingale

On 10th February, IIW Convention a briefing was done by Convention Co-ordinator PIIWBD Renu Balajee. Valedictory session had keynote speaker Chetna Gala Sinha. Rtn Narendra Rao spoke on digitalisation of Inner Wheel India. Association President Smita Pingale gave her closing remarks and the curtain was drawn on this wonderful conference. 

 It was the privilege of IWD 311 to welcome with Brij Phoolon ki Holi, Basant Utsav IIWP Christine Kirby along with Rtn Robert Kirby & AP Smita Pingale with Dr. Abhimanyu Pingale on 13th, 14th, & 15th February 2019, at Hotel Radisson Blu. This was followed by visit to the Taj Mahal & Red Fort, Agra. Multiple project dedication, for handicapped underprivileged especially acid attack victims, by various clubs of IWD 311, at Sheroes Hangout, Agra was done. 









Visit to 301 on 15th,16th,17th February 2019. Akhshardham Temple visit was thoroughly enjoyed by our esteemed guests. District Celebration Amayrah- woman of the World hosted by 6 clubs was well attended and was appreciated by IIW President as Chief Guest & Association President as guest of honour, also the presence of Bollywood Star Raveena Tandon as special invitee & keynote speaker added to the charm. IPIIWP Dr Kapila Gupta, IIW Presidents Mrs. Minna Kapur, Mrs. Anita Agarwal and Mrs. Abha Gupta attended the event.

  1. 500 Cervical cancer vaccination for INR 1,035,000 for 250 girls
  2. INR 300,000 for construction of IW room for special children of Muskaan.
  3. INR 112,500 for Safe Campus Program for girls in 15 Govt. Schools for training of 2000 plus girls.
  4. INR150,000 to NGO dance out of Poverty for training of Dance as skill for almost 100 children.
  5. Homage was paid to Pulwama Soldiers & fund of almost 15 lac was collected on the spot for their families.


Dr. Surjit Kaur

National Editor

Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India