President's First visit to France

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We are very proud : the first visit of Christine Kirby, IIW président to France !

She joined us for Caen Reine Mathilde’s Charter Ceremony and stayed for 3 days.

1st Day : Saturday

Caen Memorial

D64 and club’s members had been choosing the  amazing and highly historical monument : CAEN MEMORIAL, mostly dedicated to the Second World War. Président Christine Van Hoove received the charter from Monique Sinoquet and the bell too, offered by a club which has to disband, for health and aging reasons, but proud and happy to relive through the friends of this young club. 

 A dinner in the Memorial Hall gathered members and friends, coming from FAMAT’s district, and Président Chris met her good friend Charlotte De Vos who shared with us this time full of friendship. Exchanging banners, a lottery, an orchestra and a polaroid photo booth made this time a magical one.

Président Christine Kirby provided the followng speach: 

It is my absolute pleasure to be here on behalf of International Inner Wheel to congratulate Charter President Christine Van Hoove and the Charter members of the IW Club of CAEN REINE MATHILDE on the occasion of the Charter of this new Club.  

I thank you for the kind invitation. It is a wonderful occasion.

Every day that you belong to Inner Wheel you have a great opportunity to change lives. Not just for others but for yourselves as well.  

The true value of Inner Wheel right across the world is both in relationships between its members, and those communities and individuals' lives that Inner Wheel affects outside the organisation.  

I hope that, as members, you will experience Inner Wheel in all its diversity, its warmth and especially all its potential. The support you already have from Inner Wheel is evident today in this room.  

It is a great truism that combining resources leads to better outcomes and, as Henry Ford said ' Once everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself'. You are off to a good start.  

I would like to present to the IWC Caen through President Christine my personal banner and pin with my very best wishes.



2nd Day : Sunday

Omaha beach, Arromanche, Bayeux : History.

Président Chris was very impressed by the landing beaches and mainly by Arromanches where the barges were partly discovered. In these places played our modern history. 

Earlier in the morning we discovered the "Bayeux Tapestry" which also counts part of the history, that of the Conquest of England by William the Conqueror. 




3rd Day : Monday


 We shared with Président Chris the check deposit at "Mecenat Cardiac Surgery" association which operates children with heart defects and who can not be treated in their own country.

This association was created by Professor Francine Leca, a pediatric cardiac surgeon. 

Orso Chetochine explained how these children are welcomed in France by families who, throughout their stay, bring them affection and attention. To better illustrate this welcome, when we were there, a very little girl from Benin, in the arms of her adopted mother arrived. This year we helped, through our donations to save 3 children.

In the evening she attended the dinner organised by D66 in the wonderful and beautiful lounges of the Bedford Hotel, many members wanted to meet our President and among them Catherine Refabert Past IIW President. Two young Beninese visiting Paris for their work, had joined us and had   explained to Chris their action for women with fistula in Africa. The President moved from table to table, talking with everyone. She also enjoined Marie Claude Brinquin of the D66, sadly came to return the charter of the Brest club, maintain open club and take the chair. 

It is on this gesture full of hope for the future that ended her stay in France. 

On Tuesday, I have taken her to the Gare de Lyon where she had her train to visit our friends from Switzerland



Elisabeth Haye - Nat. Rep-President FAMAT