IIW President Message 30-6-2020

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 30, 2020 |





30th June - The final day of the Inner Wheel year 2019-2020 has arrived.

On becoming International President, I chose the theme “Together we can” but in this year of two halves its significance has proven to me how important and relevant the theme has been to us all.

I chose my theme to inspire us all to work together in our clubs, in our districts and in our governing bodies as “together we can” achieve so much more in projects and communities by making the impossible possible.

For the first eight months of the IW year, I visited so many worthy projects, all displaying the theme “together we can”, each one showing how members in different countries chose how they interpreted the theme. It is very humbling when you see so many Inner Wheel Members achieving their dreams to make a difference to so many lives.

But then in the middle of March - Covid-19 – our world was turned upside down. All visits, meetings, social activities or even just meeting a friend for a cup of coffee was put on hold and we were all in lockdown, confined to our cities and villages - where we stayed at home – stayed safe.

Did the Inner Wheel stop turning?

NO - You all proved that as Inner Wheel Members, “together we can” be extraordinary – inspirational - and innovative. You not only continued to support your ongoing projects but immediately supported your communities in every way possible throughout the pandemic.

You also proved that “together we can” still meet face to face by doing the next best thing by holding our meetings virtual. For the time being this has become the normal routine – Business Meetings – AGM’s – Handover’s – Anniversaries - and special social virtual meetings – quizzes – yoga – sharing meals – often over a cup of coffee or glass of wine - but all from the safety of your own home.

One day in the future, our lives will be back to a new normal and we will once again meet face to face, sharing the friendship that we have missed during the last few months.

I thank you for the wonderful year that I have experienced as President, which - although so very different from the one that we had all planned - has given me friendship and memories that will last me a lifetime.

It is my privilege to hand over to incoming President Bina and to wish her and the IIW Executive, Board Directors, National Representatives and all the incoming Officers in our Clubs, Districts and Governing Bodies a memorable year and let us continue to prove that “Together we can” – Lead the Change.

Thank you – you are Inspirational and Innovative Women – enjoy Inner Wheel – enjoy the friendship and continue to make dreams come true.

Love and best wishes – and thank you for being YOU,