Phyllis' Message - World Environmental Day

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 05, 2020 |

World Environmental Day 5-6-2020

Today, June 5th is World Environmental Day

Everybody that I speak to has stated that they have heard so many birds singing – seen the stars shining brighter at night – and can go for their walk or bike ride and breathe clean fresh air. Why?

How can this suddenly happen, when we were told that repairing the environment was going to take generations and yet over the last three months we seem to have improved the world’s atmosphere better than for many years?

Is it because while we have all been in lockdown – cars have remained in the garages. Very few trains and buses have been running - these being mainly used to transport our very valued key workers. Hardly a passenger aeroplane in the sky – just cargo planes keeping food, mail and other requirements supplied between each country. Our seaways bare of cruise liners – again just cargo ships keeping businesses alive. All of them just managing to keep our countries in running order.

Is it that we have proven that we can adjust our lives and reduce our dependence on many of those highly polluting means of transport? If so, this must be the only benefit from the Covid-19 pandemic!!

Is nature sending us a message, proving that we are able to care for ourselves and the planet? Is it making us look now to the future, beyond these unprecedented and exceptional times, to see how we can move forward and take all these improvements with us?

About 143 countries take part in the World Environment Day, which includes concerns ranging from pollution, sustainable food production, global warming and protection of our countryside and wildlife.

However, as with most things in our life, there are not just practical solutions to solve all these problems but political and economic reasons to do nothing!

But doing nothing is not the answer. We all know that this pandemic has already caused devastation and hardship around the world but these environmental issues have to be attended to now to enable the planet to survive as well enabling humanity to thrive. We have proven that we can change our lives and our outlook.

Many people are now working from home and have purchased produce from near where they live, proving the value of local products with very few processing and transport costs. Let us all try to stop asking for produce that has travelled many thousands of miles. Let us return to seasonally produced food and enjoy the changes as the seasons change. We may have to hold onto these present changes in our way of life for this betterment – but is it a sacrifice to have clean air and a pure environment?

We all have to adjust our lifestyle so the planet is not destroyed and there is an environment for our children’s and grandchildren’s tomorrow.

Inner Wheel members have learnt another way of holding meetings – albeit not face to face - but business can be discussed, birthdays and anniversaries can be celebrated, all with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine over zoom. Can we continue to hold some our meetings like this to help the environment for our future generations?

Let’s all take a step back and look at how Inner Wheel can hold onto these improvements and lead the way in having fresh air and clean water available for everyone – no matter where they live.

Please stay safe – stay alert – stay well - Inner Wheel needs you now and for a fresher, cleaner tomorrow.

Love, best wishes and friendship,