Together We Can Strengthen Our Friendship

Posted by International Inner Wheel | May 29, 2020 |

IIW President Message 29-5-2020


Our Inner Wheel social life is different at the moment, consisting of Zoom/virtual conferencing meetings. Remember the old days when we met face to face - with a hug? One thing that we have and which will take a lot of stopping is FRIENDSHIP – the “glue” of our Inner Wheel social life that bonds us together.

This reminds me of the saying: -

There are big ships and little ships – but the best of all the ships is FRIENDSHIP”

F – for Friendship and Fellowship - what we all share

R – for Respect which we have for one another

I – for Inner Wheel with clubs far and wide

E – for Enjoyment and Entertainment

N – for the Need to help our local and wider communities

D – for Dedication – we prove that so well

S – for Service that we give so freely

H – for Hope and Happiness for everyone

I – International Inner Wheel – Inspirational Innovative Women

P – for the Privilege of knowing and meeting you

You can give the gift of friendship – just like you can give a book.

In fact – True friends are like good books. You may not always use them – but you know where they are when you need them. So, don’t leave your friend on the shelf - as you often do with a book – dust it off now and again and refresh that friendship.

Our way of living changed overnight and is very different now but as Inner Wheel Members we have proven that we have that drive and energy to carry on making the impossible possible - making dreams come true by giving service to others – whilst leading todays new “normal life”, regardless of whatever tomorrows normal life will be. We cannot forget our Objects and why we are members of Inner Wheel. We have to be active and make our voices heard in this virtual world, as we continue our practical work of being outreaching to those in need.

Members of Inner Wheel all strive to make a difference – either on the front line – within support groups - or doing what members do best - helping others in their communities by providing food for the hungry, providing clean water, providing clothing of all descriptions and so much more. Every picture tells a story and when you look at any picture of a member helping – she does it with a smile – a smile that can mean so much to a person living on their own or feeling down. This is Inner Wheel at work – it is what we do best – it is what we do when the going gets tough. I have urged Members to put Inner Wheel on to everything they donate or what they do – it is good to see our Inner Wheel logo on the masks that everyone is wearing. They may not see your smile but they cannot miss the Inner Wheel face that was helping them.

CONGRATULATIONS and MANY THANKS to you all for going that extra step in this time of Covid-19, without your help many people would be lonely, hungry and lacking medical care.

My prayers and thoughts are with you – please stay safe – stay alert – stay well - Inner Wheel needs you. Love, best wishes and friendship,