Uniquely Uniting Clubs

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Uniquely United Clubs

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UNIQUE &UNITED:┬ ┬ These are the most appropriate words to describe the exceptional relationship between our Inner Wheel Club Sal├▓ e Desenzano at Lake Garda, District 206 (Italy), and Inner Wheel Club Bodensee at Lake Constance, District 86 (Germany).

UNIQUE:┬ Our two lakes are ÔÇťuniqueÔÇŁ in their different peculiarities, as far as Nature, climate, environment, people and traditions are concerned, and yet, they share a lot of similarities. They are separated by the Alps, and this is one of the main reasons for their substantial diversity.

Lake Garda is placed on the south side of that range of mountains, therefore enjoying a Mediterranean setting: with a thriving vegetation of citrus-fruit gardens, olive trees, laurel groves, oleanders, cypresses, palms and aloes, all evergreen trees and bushes, so that one can profit from the marvellous green landscape even in Winter.┬ It seldom snows and temperatures rarely go under zero. Summer is mostly dry and quite warm.

Lake Constance is located beyond the Alps, on the northern side, which supplies continental surroundings and climate:┬ with bare trees, such as poplars, limes, birch-trees in Winter, and much snow with temperatures dropping severely under zero. Summer benefits a pleasantly warm temperature with few rainy days.

UNITED:┬ Relevant affinities of our two lakes:

-┬ They are the biggest lakes of their respective Countries.

-┬ Both have a private island accessible to visitors.

-┬ Lake Garda has three Regions boarding its water: Lombardy, Trentino Alto Adige and ┬ Veneto.┬ Lake Constance has three Nations: Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

Presidenti Karen e Giovanna

It all started in 2004, when we invited members of the German club to visit us.┬ It was love at first sight.┬ Since then, we meet up every year, alternatively, in each otherÔÇÖs Country, to strengthen our by-now sound friendship, together with the aim to discover and to get acquainted with the beautiful and interesting areas of each lake.┬ On special occasions, hence to emphasize clubsÔÇÖ anniversaries, we also make contributions to each otherÔÇÖs services

In 2006 we signed up the official ÔÇťtwin-partnershipÔÇŁ and, this year, at the beginning of June, we shall join our German friends at their lake, where they are organizing an extraordinary event, to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of our ÔÇťbrotherhoodÔÇŁ.

Thanks to INNER WHEEL we have this great opportunity to exchange customs and traditions, to share feelings and emotions with our beloved and affectionate German friends in a total wonderful understanding.

Presidenti con cesto

Presidenti con lago

Tina Schlude: International Service Officer, Inner Wheel Club Sal├▓ e Desenzano, District 206 ÔÇô Italy