Unique International Connection

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 09, 2016 |
  1. Unique International Conenctions

Uniting US Virgin Islands and Denmark

One of our planned social activities for our club, Inner Wheel Club of St. Thomas, District 696, was to visit the various churches of our club membership. In doing so, club members of Inner Wheel Club of St Thomas VI visited and participated in a church service that was held at the historic Frederick Evangelical Lutheran Church. While there, a visiting couple came over and introduced themselves to several members of IWCSTT during the "peace" (meet and greet) as members of Inner Wheel Club and Rotary Club of Denmark respectively. How elated we were at the chance of meeting new Inner Wheel friends on an island that was once owned and governed by Denmark prior to the transfer to the United State in 1917. How fitting this setting was as the Danish church - FELC is preparing to celebrate its 350th year anniversary in October of 2016. Meanwhile while, the United States Virgin Islands centennial committee has commenced celebrations leading up to our Centennial /100th year celebrations noting the significant Danish transfer to the USA in 2017!

This is certainly an international connection on every level.

The aforementioned scenario is definitely UNIQUE & UNITED internationally and globally. More importantly, we had a wonderful time at church where the sermon spoke about reflecting and reconnecting with one another.

FELC visit w Danish visitors

Left to right in the picture below are as follows: Inner Wheel Club of St. Thomas' new found friends from Inner Wheel Club of Denmark and her spouse who hails from Rotary Club of Denmark. Also continuing from left to right are Inner Wheel Club of St. Thomas members: Graciela Millin - charter member, PP and BOD, Rita I. Coll - Foundation Chair, Paula Edwards - President, Marlene Boschulte - member & President of Friends of Denmark Organization, Jacquelyn Clendinen - member, Unia I. Brooks - member, Carole Nelthropp - PP and Pat Jones - member.

FELC Church visit with Danish friends