School In A Bag

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School in a Bag

SIAB-logoDuring 2015-2016 Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in Great Britain and Ireland under the guidance of Ann Acaster, the International Service Committee Chairman, supported the charity School in a Bag.

School In A Bag is an initiative run by the Piers Simon Appeal with the mission:

" Giving the chance of an education to poor, vulnerable, orphan and disaster affected children throughout the world. " School in a Bag – Giving Hope to a Child's Future.

School in a Bag is a simple solution created to help poor, orphan, vulnerable and disaster affected children throughout the world. Each SchoolBag is filled with stationery equipment and resources that will enable a child to write, draw, colour, calculate, express themselves and above all learn. Each SchoolBag delivered to a child will give hope to his or her future and has the potential to transform their lives.

Throughout 2015-16, Inner Wheel members took part in bag packs in their districts and at the Association Conference in Glasgow, in April 2016, bags were packed along with a mountain of knitted teddies were added to the rucksacks.

IIW Pres Charlotte with School In A Bag Founder Luke Simon IIW Pres Charlotte with Ann Acaster during 2016 GB&I conference in Glasgow

From April 22nd – 27th Ann and her husband joined Luke Simon, Founder of School In A Bag, and his parents on a trip to Nepal. An unforgettable experience for them all as they visited the remote hill villages north east of Kathmandu.

School In A Bag trip to Nepal, April 2016

Together they handed out out over 600 filled school bags in blistering heat and dust.

School In A Bag Distribution in Nepal, April 2016

They also had the honour of laying the foundation stones at the Laying the first foundation stones at Shree Deurali Primary School, Tartong.

This school is being rebuilt after the devastation of the earthquakes through the generosity and support of Inner Wheel monies.

School In A Bag Distribution April 2016

School In A Bag Distribution April 2016

In Ann’s words:

“To say that it was challenging physically, mentally and emotionally is an understatement, but I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I had, as I said, an unforgettable trip. I laughed and cried. So many funny things – bumping along in our 4x4 with our driver Bamflat who laughed every time we said his name, getting stuck in my two-man tent and wondering however I would get out of it – thanks to the strong arms of Peter and Luke I made it! - I cried – cried at the beauty of the mountains when I looked out of my tent next to a monastery damaged in the earthquakes – I really cried when children who had nothing (Dalits - commonly known as the untouchables) but stood and sang their national anthem with such pride. We saw some of the most humbling sights. We bumped along the dusty roads for over 4 hours to the north east of Kathmandu and in to the hill villages. Here the villagers had been so badly affected by the earthquakes and had very little – but they would have given it all to us if they could have done – very humbling. The looks of delight and happiness on the faces of the children when they received their bags, and more than that, the look of pride on the faces of the parents – these are sights I will never forget.”

Ann Acaster distributing School In A Bag

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School In A Bag Distribution April 2016

School In A Bag Distribution April 2016

While Ann was in Nepal, she had the opportunity to meet with the Executive and Inner Wheel Members of Distict 350.

Ann Acaster with Members of D350 in Nepal Ann Acaster with Members of D350 in Nepal

Ann Acaster with Members of D350 in Nepal