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Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 13, 2016 |

Bee Project

A Unique Service project by the Non Districted IW Club of Mombasa, Kenya.

IW Club Mombasa Bee Project

During the 2015-16 Unique and United year the IW Club of Mombasa took up a unique project to protect the farms near wildlife parks in Kwale from stray elephants that rampage and spoil the crops.

It is a project being run by an NGO group with help from Kenya Wildlife Society and the local community. The project involves setting up beehives in the areas where elephants might come in. They are chased away by humming bees. The beehives are manned by local people and this provides employment opportunities to them.

The honey is processed by the community group so it brings them income, plus the bees help in pollination and conservation of certain plant life in the area. The setting up of these beehives needs funding and that's where IW came in. We did a fundraising for the awareness of the problem and helped set up 25 beehives. The club members are also the consumers of the honey.

IW Club Mombasa Bee Project IW Club Mombasa Bee Project 

IW Club Mombasa Bee Project


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