IW Club Sassari Centro

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Oct 09, 2016 |

Charter Ceremony Inner Wheel Club of Sassari Centro, D208, Italy

The Charter Ceremony to officially welcome the 13 members of the Inner Wheel Club of Sassari Centro ÔÇô District 208, was held on Saturday, June 4th 2016, at Grazia Deledda Hotel. At the important event many Inner Wheel, Rotarian and Rotaract authorities were present: the Immediate Past President of National Council Margherita Fenudi, D208 Chairman Bruna Moretto, District Secretary Angela Azzara, member of D208 Extension Committee Anna Maria Ledda Pala, D208 2016/17 Chairman, Franca Seta, President of the sponsoring Rotary Club of Sassari, Maria Violante Corda and President of Rotaract Club of┬ Sassari Ludovica Manna.

From left to right:  Iana Notari Club Secretary, Angela Azara D208 Secretary, Marherita Fenudi IPP of CN, Bruna Moretto D208 Chairman, Anna Maria Fiorino Club President, Anna Maria Pala , D208 Extension Committee member

The Club was founded on January 16, 2016, thanks to five Inner Wheel members who wanted to share the objectives of friendship, service, international understanding with other eight friends.

The IPP of National Council, Margherita Fenudi, on behalf of Lella Bottigelli, National Council President,┬ handed over the Charter to Founding President Anna Maria Fiorino.

After the formal speeches made by IW Authorities┬ and the communication of the messages sent by the President of NC Lella Bottigelli and the NR Ebe Martines, the President Anna Maria Fiorino┬ received her presidential collar from District 208 Chairman Bruna Moretto and thanked her for her closeness and guidance.

The President of Rotary Club Sassari Maria Violante Corda, represented with some members of her ClubÔÇÖs Executive Committee the sponsoring Rotary Club Sassari and┬ ┬ wished all the members of the new Inner Wheel┬ Club of Sassari Centro to carry out a brilliant activity of┬ service in the name┬ of IW friendship.

Monsignor Giancarlo Zichi┬ ┬ gave all the presents a blessing.

Gifts and banners were exchanged after lunch.

A toast to the new Club

The Club of Sassari Centro was the 26th Club chartered in District 208.

Standing on he left Monsignor Zichi, Inner Wheel and some Rotarian members, . Sitting: Franca Seta, Margherita Fenudi, Anna Maria Fiorino, D208 Chairman Bruna Moretto.  On the right, standing, Giancarlo Moretto, D208 ChairmanÔÇÖs husband.